Why Park Bayonne

It is no secret, living in and around New York City is as costly as it has ever been. With quality at the forefront in creating and developing Park Bayonne, our residents not only benefit from luxurious finishes, but also save some cash with hidden features not noticeable at first glance.

Quality Living

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    MagicPak HVAC

    Proud to use more energy-efficient central heating and air-conditioning. Better for the Earth... and your wallet.

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    Enjoy added soundproofing of our quality homes for peace and quiet…and peace of mind.

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    Need Extra Room?

    Our floor plans range from 50-200 sq.ft. larger than other communities in the area, on average. Imagine the possibilities.

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    Top Range Hoods

    Unlike other communities, our unique range hoods vent directly to the roof so you don't have to worry about lingering cooking odors.