Why Park Bayonne

Why Park Bayonne

It is no secret, living in and around New York City is as costly as it has ever been. With quality at the forefront in creating and developing Park Bayonne, our residents not only benefit from luxurious finishes, but also save some cash with hidden features not noticeable at first glance. Park Bayonne may not appear to be the cheapest home on the block but it is clearly the best value and here’s why.

Hidden Savings

  1. Most apartment buildings split the water bill equally between all apartments. Park Bayonne’s are individually metered so that you don’t pay for your neighbor to take leisurely showers.
  2. Extra insulation in the windows, interior walls, and exterior walls means your Park Bayonne apartment stays at the temperature you want…while saving you money on gas and electric bills.
  3. Gym memberships can cost $50-$250/month…or you can simply ride the elevator and use our rooftop Fitness Center…for free.
  4. The Value behind Park Bayonne’s $550 Amenity Fee
    • Gym -$50/$250 elsewhere, or $1000s for equipment in your home.
    • BBQ Gas Grills- $500-$700 elsewhere, plus $30 for propane refills.
    • Big Screen for the Big Games- $800 elsewhere.
    • Shuttle to PATH & Light Rail- $15 per cab ride, each way.
  5. Park Bayonne requires a $175-$350 security bond instead of industry-standard of – 1.5 months rent as security deposit.
  6. Parking Cost ($100-$200 compared to $250+ elsewhere)
  7. Flexible/Disposable Income – You can use the money saved above for whatever you need or want. Paying off student loans, enjoying Bayonne’s restaurant scene, trips to NYC, a new motorcycle, or anything else you can think up.

True Quality

MagicPak HVAC

MagicPak HVAC units give your home a central heating and AC system. Other apartments use “PTacs”, the smaller, less energy-efficient wall-units seen in most hotels.

Sound Proofing

All apartments have soundproofing installed in the windows and walls to keep your apartment quiet.

Top Range Hoods

Most new apartments have range hoods…that push smelly air through charcoal filters and directly back into your kitchen. Park Bayonne apartments have range hoods vented directly to the roof. No smells from your dinner, and no smells from your neighbor’s dinner.


The average size of a 1BR apartment in the area is about 745sf. The average size of a 2BR apartment in the area is about 1,160sf. Park Bayonne’s 1BR are 780-900sf, and our 2BR are 1240-1350sf. That is a difference of 100-200sf, or an entire other room!



  1. Free shuttle to the Path and Light Rail that can be tracked from your phone
  2. Over 30 restaurants that deliver via the Seamless website or app
  3. WalkScore of 75 (very walkable)
  4. Grocery delivery available for only $10 from nearby grocery stores
  5. Laundry and dry-cleaning services that pick up and drop off right in the lobby
  6. Complimentary coffee in the lobby
  7. Dog walkers that pick up and drop off from the building
  8. Pharmacies that deliver directly to the building